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Advanced Therapy for Dry Eyes

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Advanced Dry Eye Treatment — Eye Care Lasik Centre
March 27, 2015
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March 30, 2015

Numerous patients encounter the stinging, blazing, scratchy impression that is so normal with dry eye sufferers. As we get more seasoned, our tear production decreases. Many medications can likewise add to dry eye: antihistamines, decongestants, antidepressants, hormone substitution treatment, diuretics, and beta blockers. Numerous systemic ailments have related dry eye: thyroid ailment, joint inflammation, and diabetes. Natural and way of life elements additionally assume a part, for example, roof fans, delayed PC utilization, juiced drinks, smoking, outside exercises. In Colorado, our atmosphere is dry and the higher in the mountains one goes, the drier it gets.

There are numerous over-the counter counterfeit tear items that can give help to the intermittent dry eye persistent: Systane, Systane Ultra, Optive, Genteal, and Soothe. However, for those patients who have more industrious manifestations, removable silicone fittings can be embedded in the tear conduit openings of the eyelids to help counteract loss of tears.

Likewise, there are some new physician recommended medicines that may be useful in the administration of their dry eye. Restasis, Lotemax, and Freshwater are medicine eye drops that have been fruitful in the treatment and long haul administration of numerous dry eye patients. Inquire as to whether you may advantage from this exceptional treatment for dry eyes.

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