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What is OptiLASIK?

OptiLASIK is a customized laser treatment.

Specific and tailor made to each individual eye.

OptiLASIK Laser Vision Correction combines today’s most advanced surgical technologies into a procedure, optimized for your ideal vision outcome.

Standard LASIK procedures simply reshaped your eye based on your glasses or contact lens prescription – as a result, everyone with the same prescription receives the same treatment, without taking into account the unique attributes like aberration, pupil size, past corneal injuries or surgery that make your eyes special and different from others.

Now OptiLASIK is a Wave front optimized procedure developed to treat each eye differently, preserving the natural, aspheric shape of the cornea to reduce spherical aberrations which almost eliminates problems like glares, haloes etc.

OptiLASIK utilizes the advanced diagnostic technology of the Pentacam HR (High resolution) Oculyzer II which creates a “map” of your eyes and automatically transfers data into Laser machine. Now LASIK machine uses this data for customized and personalised LASIK procedure to give you best possible visual outcome.

Alcon Wavelight Excimer EX-500 is the world’s Fastest machine, the speed ensures patients comfort. For example, a patient with -5.0 dioptre numbers it only takes 7 seconds to finish ablation. Also it has a Non-contact Online Pachymetry which measures and monitors corneal thickness during entire LASIK procedure. Having in built Neuro Tracking device, it helps in tracking the eye movement (Laser machine automatically follows the patients eye movement).

Always choose option of OptiLASIK.



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With thousands of procedures and a combined 25 years of eye care experience among our Doctors, you will find yourself surrounded by a team of professionals skilfully walking you through the entire process.Our mission is better vision. We are dedicated to our each patient at every step along the way, and are committed to their safety. Our dedication to patients is felt throughout every part of our services. We don’t make outrageous claims, false advance guarantees, or present unrealistic results improvement after surgery, etc.
TECHNOLOGY YOU CAN RELY: Why us ? We believe technology is meant for making your life easier. The safety and effectiveness of laser eye surgery are primarily a result of two inputs: the expertise of the surgeon and the world class technology used during the surgery. The ECLC uses the most advanced lasers system currently available.
YOUR EYES DESERVES THE BEST: Your eyes are Unique. You have special qualities & characteristics that set you apart from everyone else. Similarly your eyes have their own special attributes-traits that make them yours and yours alone. We strive to go above and beyond your expectations.


A GREATER SENSE OF SECURITY: Since LASIK was introduced a decade ago, Eye Care LASIK Centre has remained at the forefront of laser vision technology. One of its most recent advancements in OptiLASIK, which eliminates the blade used in “old technique LASIK”. Although “old technique LASIK” has been effective, OptiLASIK offers patient a new sense of assurance and peace of mind through added safety and increased precision in a less invasive manner.
  • Increased Accuracy & Precision
  • Reduced patient anxiety
  • No metal blade (SBK-OUP)
  • Increased patient confidence
  • Improved night vision for many patients
  • Reduced side effects such as haloes & glares
  • More precise surgery, maximizing safety and maximum vision
  • No scarring
  • Rapid visual recovery
  • Better quality of vision
  • Long-lasting results
  • No more glasses
  • Recreational freedom
  • Potential Career Catalyst


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Patient & Doctors Testimonials

Don’t take our word. See what’s our patients and doctors say about our medical service.
  • Dr Shalin Shah
    Jimit Joshi“I am a dental professional and its almost 9 months since I had surgery and I am absolutely fine. My vision is clear and its without my glasses. This is very helpful when I am using special instruments like magnification loops during dental procedure. I wanted to thank Eye Care Lasik Centre team, Dr Shashank Rathod and Dr Shyamal Raval especially for their support and help me to gain my natural vision.”
  • Jimit Joshi
    Jimit Joshi“Having OptiLASIK was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The difference in my vision after the procedure was huge and immediate.”
  • Urja A Shah
    IMG-20150216-WA0013“The difference in my vision is like night and day. I can see things very clearly now. Dr. Shashank Rathod is very skilled and caring. He called me right after my surgery to see how I was doing. I couldn’t have had a better experience.”
  • Parshwa A Shah
    10407150_10205047525330146_557824750921108027_n (2)“I am so pleased with the results of my OptiLASIK and the care I received from the whole team at this Centre. I would recommend Eye Care Lasik Centre to others interested in having LASIK.”
  • Ketan Patel
    Ketan Patel"I just returned from my first post-LASIK vacation and it was so nice not having to pack contacts, glasses, contact solution, and a case!  My vision is great after OptiLASIK.”
  • Kaizad M Dastoor
    Kaizad DastoorWords cannot describe the freedom and flexibility I have with my new vision after OptiLASIK."

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