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Laser Eye Surgery In Ahmedabad
February 22, 2015
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Lasik Eye Surgery In Ahmedabad
February 24, 2015

Laser Vision correction surgery is Eye surgery to facilitate you see without dependence on eyeglasses or contact lenses.  There is more than a little option obtainable, which can become quite confusing for the prospective tolerant.

The Laser Vision Correction process most people have heard of is laser vision correction (LASIK and PRK) and it is still the most extensively performed vision correction surgery. Recently, other non-laser surgical options have gained attention as well.  These included phakic intraocular lenses sometimes called (implantable contact lenses) and refractive lens exchange.  In the future, another exciting option will be the use of corneal inlay technology.

Let’s get a appear at the pros and cons of each of these options, starting with laser vision correction.

Laser Vision Correction works by using an particularly precise excimer laser to reform the cornea, the clear domed cover of the eye, so that it focuses brightness more exactly.  Laser vision correction has proven itself, with nearly thirty years and 17 million cases of clinical experience in the Ahmedabad.  In fact, for the majority people, laser vision correction remains the most accurate and safest option of vision correction surgery.

There are two types of laser vision surgery:  LASIK and PRK.  In fact, these actions are basically the same, except that in LASIK a flap is lifted from the corneal surface and the laser is applied to reform the eye, whereas in PRK, no flap is made. Unlike the condition with LASIK, recovery is not instant with PRK.  Vision after PRK firstly typically is good, but not as good as LASIK, for about one month.  There are typically about 3 or 4 days or important irritation after PRK as well.

The Most patients looking for vision correction surgery fall inside the ranges that are optimally treated by laser vision correction.  However, some patients are too myopic even for laser vision.

Other patients, as we’ll discuss below, only are not candidate for laser vision correction.  For patients who are not best served by laser vision correction. Phakic IOL surgery is a non-laser surgery that is sometimes, somewhat incorrectly, referred to as inserting the “implantable contact lens.”  With this surgery, an incision is made in the eye and a surgical plastic lens with the patient’s prescription in it is inserted into the eye, it tends to have a higher risk profile than laser vision correction does for most people.

With phakic intraocular lens surgery, the patient’s natural lens is not removed – the new lens is simply added to the interior of the eye.  There is a much longer track record for these lenses in Ahmedabad in the India.

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