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January 30, 2015
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February 21, 2015

A pterygium is an abundance of fibrovascular tissue and the mucous layer known as the conjunctiva over the surface of the cornea. Numerous individuals portray a whitish, wing-formed development that begins to become once again the shaded bit of the eye.

Most pterygia begin off as pingueculae. A pinguecula is a whitish-yellow development or rise on the white piece of the eye. They are most ordinarily spotted nasally or transiently along the interpalbebral crevice which is the region between the upper and lower eyelid. At the point when pingueculae begin to become midway once again the cornea making a wing-like appearance, we call them pterygia Lasik treatment in Ahmedabad.

Pterygia without anyone else’s input are not hurtful. They are frequently identified with inordinate sun, tidy, and wind introduction. Utilization of defensive eyewear, for example, shades can be exceptionally useful. The rate increments significantly in those people who have experienced childhood in areas near to the equator.

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