Sub-Bowman’s Keratomileusis (SBK)

What is SBK?

Sub-Bowman’s Keratomileusis or SBK is the latest technology in Lasik surgery. It is a new more precise procedure that is a new standard in laser surgery. It utilizes a special Microkeratome head to create a thin corneal flap of shorter length into the Sub-Bowman’s membrane, preserving the structural integrity of the eye while molding the cornea into a preferred shape.

Advantages include:

The Corneal shape and strength remains the same as before surgery in comparison to previously done methods earlier.

Be able to treat patients with high degrees of nearsightedness

SBK is proper to use in treating patients with thin corneas Result to fewer cases of dry eyes – a side effect most associated with Lasik surgery Shorter operation time and more convenient for the patient than Lasik surgery Shorter period of recovery after surgery with eyesight completely clear and stable There are 2 types of SBK : OUP SBK and Femto SBK. Reports from Clinical data collected from 2 groups of patients revealed that there are no significant differences in the outcome of treatments between the two types of SBK procedures. There is however, a faster recovery rate, lesser pain 1 day post-op and cost effectiveness with OUP SBK technique.