When it comes to LASIK surgery, there are a lot of options out there. But there’s only one OptiLASIK. OptiLASIK combines today’s most advanced surgical technologies into a procedure optimized for your ideal vision.

What does that mean for you?

Many LASIK procedures only treat myopia. OptiLASIK can treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Some LASIK procedures simply reshapes your eye based on your current glasses or contact lens prescription-as a result, everyone with the same prescription gets the same treatment. OptiLASIK uses a special tool to “map” the unique attributes of your eyes, for treatment that’s a unique as you are.

Most LASIK procedures reshape the cornea with little regard for the natural shape of your eyes, leading to small errors that can affect vision. OptiLASIK is designed to adapt to the unique curvature of your eye,ensuring your eyes have a more natural shape.

OptiLASIK utilizes the advanced technology of the wavelight EX5oo Excimer Laser, for treatment that is precise, safe and efficient.

Salient Features of OptiLASIK

1. Only laser approved by USFDA.

2. Precision, if your eye moves, the laser tracks your eye at 500 times a Second.

3. Fastest laser in the world.

4. Permanent – Once in life time procedure.

5. Facility of bladeless Femto technology.

The facts about OptiLASIK with Wavelight technology:

93% of nearsighted patients see 6/6 or better.

83% of farsighted patients see 6/9 or better.

97% of patients recommend the procedure to their friends.

Think 6/6vision is impressive? ¾ of nearsighted patients actually see better than 6/6.