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December 22, 2014
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December 23, 2014

The utilization of lasers to enhance vision has turned into a generally regular practice nowadays, yet it wasn’t generally thus. Eyes are sensitive and valuable additionally a greatly perplexing piece of the human body. With such unpredictability, it was troublesome for specialists to battle the common weakening that happens as people age. There were makeshift arrangements, for example, glasses and amplifying glasses to help facilitate the strain of perusing as eyes got to be weaker, yet there were not solid surgical choices that could enhance visual perception in the long drag.



How does it work? 

The process of laser eye surgery can be broken down into four major steps. To begin, a scan of the eye is done to create a 3D map of the cornea. The scan helps to reveal imperfections or bumps on the surface of the eye that need to be addressed during the surgery. Once these imperfections have been identified, the next step is to peel back a part of the cornea to reveal the imperfections. After the outer layer of the cornea has been cut, a laser is used to smooth the bumps in the cornea and then, finally, resealed by another type of laser.

Exactly how successful is laser eye surgery?

The likelihood that you, or someone you know, has had laser eye surgery is pretty high. In fact, the procedure has been performed on more than 28 million people (and counting) with a more than 95% success rate. –

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