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Pterygia: definition and treatment options – Eye Lasik Surgery
February 20, 2015
Laser Eye Surgery In Ahmedabad
February 22, 2015

Eye Care Surgeon has won overall acknowledgement for convey the best surgeries till date. He has never fizzled in bringing the wanted results for his patients. He spends significant time in the accompanying sort of surgeries;

Cataract Surgery – It helps in treating people whose vision hinders their daily life activities. During this surgery the original lens is replaced with an artificial.

Orbital Surgery – Patients with congenital defects, big eye tumors are operated. Orbital implants are used to protect the natural structure of the eye orbit and also to provide space for the placement of an artificial eye.

Lid Repair Surgery – Droopy eyelids are treated with the help of this Eye care Lasik surgery. It can be done for either cosmetic or functional reasons. It has become quite popular because the condition can cosmetically age the patient, obstruct vision or create visual incongruence between the eyelids.

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